We pray God give us today’s food and when He gives us the food, again we feel hungyr, so how then should we pray?

Media and Kenyan government have too many questions to answer in regard to the WestGate terrorist attack. In a bid to show that they were responsible, journalists portrayed themselves as government employees. At one point, a TV newscaster apologised for capturing a Mamba passing near the gazetted area for journalists. In another incident, a tweet about a woman whose husband was “mistakenly” shot by Kenyan army was openly discarded reasoning that blood donation was more important than the grief of the woman. So many things really happened. The media kept saying many hostages were with the terrorist; another time they said about 30. No journalist asked how government arrived at the numbers? How did they count them? The operation was said to be over but we are not being told the exact number of the people who were trapped with the terrorists? It was a grisly incident but its also possible to report responsibly without losing the focus to provide accurate information. Many things went unquestioned and could return to spoil the ‘good’ relations with government if finally the questions have to be asked.

“Every behavior begins with a thought and every thought is premeditated”